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The PRO-RES workshop about, ethics, privacy and explainable AI

ESME 2019

8th and 9th July 2019
Officine Garibaldi, Pisa, Italy

The workshop about, ethics, privacy and explainable AI

ESME 2016

8th and 9th July 2019
Officine Garibaldi, Pisa, Italy

About the Event

Big data analytics and social mining raises a number of ethical issues, especially as companies begin monetizing their data externally for purposes different from those for which the data was initially collected. The scale and ease with which analytics can be conducted today completely changes the ethical framework. We can now do things that were impossible a few years ago, and existing ethical and legal frameworks cannot prescribe what we should do. Data scientists, data engineers, database administrators and anyone involved in handling big data should have a voice in the ethical discussion about the way data is used. Moreover Artificial Intelligence is becoming a disruptive technology and resources for innovation are currently dominated by giant tech companies. To ensure European independence and leadership, we must invest wisely by bundling, connecting and opening our AI resources having in mind ethical priorities such as transparency and fairness.

  • 8th and 9th July 2019
  • Officine Garibaldi, Pisa, Italy
  • 30 Domain Experts
  • 10+ Countries

Round Tables

ESME will be a workshop where people from Academia and Industry will openly discuss about these dilemmas in formal and informal sessions addressing specific questions:

1. Ethics

What practical solutions could help promote ethics?

2. Synergy

How to reconcile ethical research and industry objectives?

3. Explainability

Is it really possible to implement explainability, as required by the GDPR?


09:30 to 13:00

8th July 2019

Main Talk

Main Talks

Invited speakers

Venue: Auditorium

14:00 to 17:30

8th July 2019

World Café

Parallel sessions

All participants

Venue1: Room #1

Venue2: Room #2

Venue3: Auditorium

09:30 to 13:00

9th July 2019

Recap and conclusions

Plenary discussion

All participants

Venue: Auditorium

All partecipants

Name Institution/Company Country
Giuseppe Amato ISTI - CNR Italy
Carlo Aliprandi Extra Red Italy
Serena Arrighi Bnova Italy
Bettina Berendt KU Leuven Belgium
Michele Berlingerio IBM Ireland
Ann Cavoukian Ryerson University Canada
Filippo Chiarello University of Pisa Italy
Mark Coté King's College London UK
Robert Dingwall AcSS team UK
Josep Domingo-Ferrer Universitat Rovira i Virgili Spain
Maria Francesca Donati SoBigData Operational Ethics Board UK
Roberto Esposito University of Turin Italy
Andrea Gadotti Imperial College London UK
Fosca Giannotti ISTI - CNR Italy
Andreas Hapfelmeier Siemens Germany
Tina Martino Octo Telematics UK
Michael May Siemens Germany
Mirco Musolesi University College London UK
Barry O'Sullivan University College Cork Ireland
Dino Pedreschi University of Pisa Italy
Ruggero Pensa University of Turin Italy
Leonardo Piccini IRPET - Regional Institute for Economic Planning of Tuscany Italy
Fabio Pinelli Vodafone Italy Italy
Davide Quadrini Cloud4wi USA
Roberta Radini ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics Italy
Manolis Terrovitis Athena Research Center Greece
Jeroen Van Den Hoven Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Michael Veale University College London UK

Social Dinner | 8 July 2019

To be announced