Protecting your privacy in a networked world – IDEA Summerschool 2013

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2013/07/15 00:00 Europe/Rome
2013/07/17 00:00 Europe/Rome
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX Delft (building 31)
Personal information has increasingly become accessible online: browsing through social network sites – such as Facebook and LinkedIn – people tend to think that they can draft a profile from each other. But what more information of you is out there? Are you aware of what others know about you? The increased use of information technologies challenges us to rethink whether our privacy is potentially at risk and what we should do to create sufficient protection. The summer school on ‘protecting your privacy in a networked world’ will try to reflect on the ethical, social and economic dimensions of privacy. It is necessary to understand that privacy is more than just protection of personal data. New technological developments such as Big Data raise concerns about the efficiency of our current privacy protection mechanisms. Questioning what the importance of privacy is, we should however think about the risks of too much privacy as well. In developing new privacy standards and privacy enhancing technologies we have to find an appropriate balance by weighing privacy against other values and concerns. More details [url=]here[/url]