The 8th Satellite on Quantifying Success at Networks 2021

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2021/07/02 02:00 Europe/Rome
2021/07/02 02:00 Europe/Rome
Online event
The 8th Satellite on Quantifying Success

During the past few years the increasing availability of large-scale datasets that capture activities in scientific publications, patents, grant proposals, sports, enterprises, as well as social media activities has created an unprecedented opportunity to explore patterns underlying success. The take on this important topic can be rather diverse - from exploring citations to influential scientific papers to the emergence of runaway videos on YouTube, from investigating activities such as collaboration that bring success for the team to innovations essential for the success of an enterprise. As such the tools and perspectives vary, involving social scientists, computer scientists, economists, physicists and mathematicians. The results are published in venues with non-overlapping readership.

The Quantifying Success satellite has the aim of bringing together scientists and researchers from different disciplines and giving them the opportunity to present and discuss their recent results, identify open questions and new challenges, and develop common languages for solving problems in the emerging, fascinating field of the "science of success". It will be an opportunity to discuss different, multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to quantify success across a variety of scientific domains, with a main focus on data-driven methods.