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Born in Marsciano(PG), 4th november 1983. Actually i'm a Phd Student in Computer Science at the graduate studies school "G. Galilei" of Pisa. My main interests in researching are about mobility mining and location prediction. In 2006 I got my bachelor degree in Computer Science at university of Perugia, with thesis on "Parallels and distributed algorithms for resolution of propagation equations". In 2009 I got my master degree in Computer Science at university of Pisa, with thesis on "Map matching of gsm tracks with data mining technique"
January-May 2014: Visiting student at Tartu University (Estonia)
2006 Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at University of Perugia
2009 Master Degree in Computer Science at University of Pisa
Post Doc
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)






The increasing availability of large amounts of data and digital footprints has given rise to ambitious research challenges in many fields, which spans from medical research, financial and commercial world, to people and environmental monitoring.

Pint of Science 2017

One of the most difficult tasks for scientists and researchers is to communicate the results of their activities and the effects on the everyday life.

Paolo Cintia and Luca Pappalardo have joined the conversation on sports at Radio Aula 40 talking about sports analytics.

Big Data applied to soccer: Paolo Cintia and Luca Pappalardo are interviewed by Zona Cesarini, a sport program on Rai Radio 1, the Italian national radio broadcasting network.

Paolo Cintia and Luca Pappalardo interviewed by Radio 3 Scienza on the italian national broadcasting network Rai Radio 3.

Un computer a disposizione di un allenatore era un’utopia, nel 1973. La storia dei dati e del calcolo applicato al calcio non poteva che cominciare in un posto dove di utopia, nel 1973, se ne intendevano: l’Unione Sovietica.

I passaggi tra giocatori sono relazioni in una rete: volume e imprevedibilità delle connessioni determinano il risultato