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Franco Turini was born in 1949 in Italy. He graduated in Computer Science (Laurea in Scienze dell' Informazione) summa cum laude in 1973, from the University of Pisa. He is currently a full professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa. In 78/80 he has been a visiting scientist of the Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and of the IBM Research Center S.Jose, afterwards. In 92/93 he has been visiting professor at the University of Utah. His research interests include programming languages design, implementation, and formal semantics especially in the field of functional and logic programming. In 1990-1993 he has been responsible for an Italian national programme sponsored by the National Research Council for "New generation Languages". He has been coordinator of the "Meta- and non-monotonic reasoning area" of the BRA Esprit Action No 6810 "Compulog II". Recently, he co-edited with Krzysztof Apt a book entitled Meta-logics and Logic Programming, published by The MIT Press. He has been in many program committees, the program chairman of the workshop "Meta-programming in Logic 1994", and the editor of the proceedings issued by Springer-Verlag as LNCS 883 (1994).
2007 University of Pisa Ordine del Cherubino
1978-1979 visiting scientist at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh (PA-USA)
1979-1980 visiting scientist at Research Center IBM, S.Jose (CA-USA)
1992-1993 visiting professor at University of Utah, Salt Lake City (UT-USA)
1988-1991 President of Consiglio di Corso di Laurea in Scienze dell’Informazione at University of Pisa
1988-1991 Presidente of Conferenza Permanente dei Presidenti dei corsi di laurea in Scienze dell’Informazione
1994-1996 Founder and first President of GRIN (Gruppo nazionale dei docenti universitari del raggruppamento di Informatica)
1996-2002 Director of Department of Computer Science at University of Pisa
1997-2002 President of Board of Department Directors at University of Pisa
2003 President of Consorzio Pisa Ricerche
Since 2005 President of Centro Studi Enriques in Livorno
2006-2010: member of FIRB Commission (Finanziamento alla Ricerca di Base) of the Italian Ministry of University and Research
2010-2016 Director of Department of Computer Science at University of Pisa
2011 member of Statute Commission University of Pisa
Since 2011 Academic Senator at University of Pisa
1973 Master Degree in Computer Science at University of Pisa summa cum laude
Full Professor
Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa (DI-UNIPI)
+39 050 221 2753
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