Tecnologie Orientate alla Conoscenza per Aggregazione di Imprese in Internet

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The objective of the project is to develop an integrated set of methodologies, techniques and software tools based on the most advanced knowledge technologies, and to enable the analysis, specification, implementation and evaluation of new models of business organization, a perspective of "internetworked enterprise." To this end, the project involves 3 major companies representing 3 different models of organizing an innovative enterprise: intra-company integration, inter-company integration, and cooperation and interoperability at the district level. The challenge of the project is to identify a consistent set of methodologies and advanced technological solutions suitable for the three cases, overcoming the limitations and the fragmentation of the products and services now available for the integrated company, particularly by helping to create a corporate culture more aware of potential and the technology tools of knowledge.
Start Date
26 July 2006
End Date
25 July 2009
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)