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LivLab Livorno

LivLab is a living laboratory that aims at creating a participatory eco-system for setting-up experiments on a trusted user-centric platform, and based on personal mobility and purchasing data. Goals are: (i) Creating and managing a community of volunteers, (ii) Realizing services built on top of users’ data, and (iii) Increasing users’ awareness about their daily activities. The living lab, created by Unicoop Tirreno, in partenership with CNR, Telecomitalia and FBK, started on April 2015 and involve Unicoop Tirreno's customers with a fidelity card.
8 April 2015
31 December, 2016


A Pervasive and Heterogeneous Infrastructure to control Urban Mobility in Real-Time Within the domain of “Intelligent Transport Systems IPERMOB proposes a multi-tier approach for developing an Information System for urban mobility. IPERMOB proposes a new generation of integrated systems based on the optimization and inter-operability of the chain formed by: - data collection systems; - aggregation, management, and on-line control systems; - off-line systems aiming at infrastructure planning; - information systems targeted to citizen and municipality to handle and rule the vehicle mobility.
1 January 2009
31 December, 2011

Pisa Mobilità

The project aims at realizing a systematic study starting from the observation of mobility phenomena around the Municipality of Pisa and the five Municipalities that contribute to the Strategic Plan. The objective of the study is to supply a full view of the mobility demand inside the area, and thus give a support to the decision makers in compiling the Integrated Strategic Plan.
1 April 2012
30 June, 2013

Osservatorio Turismo Pisa

The aim of the project is to study the touristic flows in Pisa thanks to the analysis and the integration of different types of data: GPS traces, GSM call, Flickr photos and social and demographical data.
1 September 2012
1 August, 2013

Mercato della Mobilità (Mobility Marketplace)

[i]Mobility Marketplace[/i] includes the development of models for analysis of data collected from mobile sensors and wireless networks and the testing of specific services, to promote the use of public transport and optimize the use of private vehicles in the path home-to-work. The data are collected from the monitoring of cells visited in a GSM and GPS surveys. This information will be subject to various steps of analysis to extract individual profiles and global models on the habits of users.
1 April 2009
1 March, 2010

Tecnologie Orientate alla Conoscenza per Aggregazione di Imprese in Internet

The objective of the project is to develop an integrated set of methodologies, techniques and software tools based on the most advanced knowledge technologies, and to enable the analysis, specification, implementation and evaluation of new models of business organization, a perspective of "internetworked enterprise." To this end, the project involves 3 major companies representing 3 different models of organizing an innovative enterprise: intra-company integration, inter-company integration, and cooperation and interoperability at the district level.
26 July 2006
25 July, 2009