Location prediction within the mobility data analysis environment Daedalus

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TitleLocation prediction within the mobility data analysis environment Daedalus
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPinelli, F, Monreale, A, Trasarti, R, Giannotti, F
Conference NameFirst International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science
Conference LocationDublin, Ireland
AbstractIn this paper we propose a method to predict the next location of a moving object based on two recent results in GeoPKDD project: DAEDALUS, a mobility data analysis environment and Trajectory Pattern, a sequential pattern mining algorithm with temporal annotation integrated in DAEDALUS. The first one is a DMQL environment for moving objects, where both data and patterns can be represented. The second one extracts movement patterns as sequences of movements between locations with typical travel times. This paper proposes a prediction method which uses the local models extracted by Trajectory Pattern to build a global model called Prediction Tree. The future location of a moving object is predicted visiting the tree and calculating the best matching function. The integration within DAEDALUS system supports an interactive construction of the predictor on the top of a set of spatio-temporal patterns. Others proposals in literature base the definition of prediction methods for future location of a moving object on previously extracted frequent patterns. They use the recent history of movements of the object itself and often use time only to order the events. Our work uses the movements of all moving objects in a certain area to learn a classifier built on the mined trajectory patterns, which are intrinsically equipped with temporal information.
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