2nd International SoBigData Summer School - Empowering Data for Social Good

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2024/06/16 02:00 Europe/Rome
2024/06/22 02:00 Europe/Rome
Baratti, Livorno, Italy
2nd International SoBigData Summer School

The 2024 edition of the SoBigData summer school will focus on how data can be used for social good, and this topic will be explored around five different thematic areas: European Framework and Communities, Trustworthy and Ethical AI, Ecology and Green development, Health, Technology and AI.

Attendees will be given the possibility to work on personal projects with the support of tutors. These projects will then be evaluated by a dedicated panel at the end of the school. This organisational structure will allow attendees to benefit from broader key-note speeches, topic-based talks alongside sessions that will allow attendees to progress in a project of their own choosing by relying on tutors from different partners of the SoBigData Research Infrastructure.

The Summer School will also feature social events organised with the intent of promoting network creation among attendees and with speakers.

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. AI and its applications are essential tools for the advancement of our multicultural and interconnected society. However, the utilization of these technologies necessitates a thoughtful examination of the ethical and legal dimensions governing data use. The “Empowering Data for Social Good” school is designed to acquaint participants with pivotal subjects, including data governance and trustworthy AI, with a particular focus on applications related to health and sustainable development. To give students the opportunity to actively participate, the school is organized in two sections: the morning sessions feature presentations by accomplished experts, each specializing in the varied topics covered. Concurrently, the afternoon sessions are dedicated to collaborative group projects, allowing students to actively engage in hands-on learning experiences. At the end of the week, a panel of experts in data mining and AI will evaluate the projects. The students will have the flexibility to self-organize their project work time, enabling interaction with tutors for guidance, inquiries, and discussions pertaining to project objectives. This approach ensures a comprehensive and interactive learning environment allowing the participants to explore the ethical, legal, and practical dimensions of leveraging data for societal well-being.