First FAIR Workshop on Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

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2024/02/19 01:00 Europe/Rome
2024/02/20 01:00 Europe/Rome
Aula Magna, Building E, Polo Fibonacci, largo Pontecorvo 3, Pisa, Italy
First FAIR Workshop on Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

The First Workshop on Human-centered Artificial Intelligence focuses on the study of Artificial Intelligence systems that cooperate synergistically, proactively and purposefully with humans, amplifying instead of replacing human intelligence. Human-centered AI research aims for AI systems that work together with humans, emphasizing the need for adaptive, collaborative, responsible, interactive and coevolving intelligent human-AI ecosystems. Human-centered AI systems leverage human strengths and compensate for human weaknesses, while taking into account social, ethical and legal considerations.

The first workshop on this series is organized in Pisa by the spoke “Human-centered AI” of the Next Generation EU (PNRR) partnership FAIR - Future Artificial Intelligence Research. The workshop presents the research vision, approach and outcomes of the multidisciplinary critical mass of researchers of the FAIR Spoke, across University, the National Research Council and Scuola Normale Superiore. The workshop is in partnership with the Humane-AI-Network project.

The aim of the workshop is to foster further broad collaboration in the field of Human-centered AI. The field is driven by developments in AI, but it also requires fundamentally new approaches and solutions. Thus, we leverage collaborations across research domains such as AI, Human-Computer Interaction, cognitive and social sciences, philosophy & ethics, complex systems, among others.


Lunedì 19 febbraio

9.00 Welcome and introduction
Dino Pedreschi, University of Pisa

9.30 Explainable AI for synergistic human-AI collaboration
Fosca Giannotti, Scuola Normale Superiore
Riccardo Guidotti, University of Pisa

11.30 “System1 and System2” machine learning and reasoning
Salvatore Ruggieri, University of Pisa
Umberto Straccia, CNR

14.00 Human-centered lifelong learning for complex data
Alessio Micheli, University of Pisa
Fabrizio Sebastiani, CNR

16.00 Keynote: the Humane-AI network of excellence
Paul Lukowicz, DFKI

17.00 The industrial and societal potential of human-centered AI

17.30 Poster session

Martedì 20 febbraio

9.30 Human-AI socio-technical complex systems
Chiara Boldrini, CNR
Dino Pedreschi, University of Pisa

11.30 Decentralized, cooperative learning
Francesco Marcelloni, CNR
Raffaele Perego, CNR

14.00 Co-design methodologies for trustworthiness-by-design
Anna Monreale, University of Pisa
Adriano Fabris, University of Pisa

16.00 Industry round table

17.00 WP leader's round table

18.00 Poster session