KDD Lab Workshop 2024

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2024/03/14 01:00 Europe/Rome
2024/03/15 01:00 Europe/Rome
Aula Master, Officine Garibaldi, via Gioberti 39, Pisa, Italy

KddLab meeting 14/15 March 2024
14th of March
Istituzioni: UNIPI, SNS, CNR - research lines, personnel, active projects, budgets.
Speakers: Dino Pedreschi, Fosca Giannotti, Mirco Nanni
15:00 Network Science & Data Science
- Speaker: Giulio Rossetti
15:30 Co-evolution AI
- Introduction - Speaker: Dino Pedreschi
- Social Media platforms - Speaker: Giulio Rossetti
- Navigation services - Speaker: Luca Pappalardo
- Foundational models and autophagy - Speaker: Gizem Gezici
16:30 15 minute Pause
16:45 Ethical and Trustworthy AI
- Explainable AI, the steps towards synergistic AI - Speaker: Riccardo Guidotti
- Fairness, Causality, Logic and Uncertainty - Speaker: Salvatore Ruggieri
- Privacy - Speaker: Anna Monreale
- Explainable Visual Interfaces - Speaker: Salvo Rinzivillo

17:45 Mobility Data Analysis for Science of Cities
- AI impact on collective urban mobility - Speaker: Luca Pappalardo
- EV mobility + Mobility representations - Speaker: Mirco Nanni
18:30 End

15th of March - SoBigData Training Event
9:30 SoBigData Research Infrastructure Training Event:
- Speaker: Roberto Trasarti, Roberto Pellungrini, Francesca Naretto
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 -13:00 PhD or Post Docs research challenges Highlights
- 10-minute presentations regarding Ph.D. students’ thesis status, papers, proposals
a. Giovanni Mauro - From segregation to gentrification: a sentimental journey
b. Andrea Fedele - Explaining Siamese Networks in Few-Shot Learning
c. Andrea Pugnana - Topics in Selective Classification
d. Luca Corbucci - PUFFLE: Balancing Privacy, Utility, and Fairness in FL
e. Stefano Tramacere - The ALTAI checklist as a tool to Assess Ethical and
Legal Implications for a Trustworthy AI
f. Simone Piaggesi - ILS++: Regularized Interpretable Latent Space
g. Clara Punzi - L2loRe: an explainable-by-design abstaining classifier
h. Samuele Tonati - Robust counterfactual ensemble for churn
i. Daphne Lenders - Interpretable and Fair Abstaining Classifier
j. Giuliano Cornacchia - The diverCity issue in urban navigation
k. Cristiano Landi - Mobility Data Representations for Spatiotemporal Tasks
l. Gurban Aliyev - Mitigation of Exposure to Vehicular Air Pollution Based on
Multi-Source Urban Data

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 PhD or Post Docs research challenges Highlights
- 10-minute presentations regarding Ph.D. students’ thesis status, papers, proposals
a. Virginia Morini: Who can help me? Reconstructing users' psychological
journeys in depression-related social media interactions
b. Valentina Pansanella - Mass media impact on opinion evolution in biased
digital environments: a bounded confidence model
c. Katherine Abramski: Voices of rape: Cognitive networks link passive voice
usage to psychological distress in onlinee narratives.

15:00 Three-questions roundtable
- Collaborative team-building Exercise on AI and Data Science-related topics.
16:00 End

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