SoBigData City of Citizens workshop @ Lipari Summer School

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2017/07/19 09:00 Europe/Rome
2017/07/19 09:00 Europe/Rome
Location: Hotel Giardino sul Mare, Via Maddalena, Lipari, Italy
City of Citizens
The recent technological advances on telecommunications create a new reality on mobility sensing. Nowadays, we live in an era where ubiquitous digital devices are able to broadcast rich information about human mobility in real-time and at a high rate. Such fact exponentially increased the availability of large-scale mobility data which has been popularized in the media as the new currency, fueling the future vision of our smart cities that will transform our lives. The reality is that we just began to recognize significant research challenges across a spectrum of topics. Consequently, there is an increasing interest among different research communities (ranging from civil engineering to computer science) and industrial stakeholders on build knowledge discovery pipelines over such data sources. However, such availability also raise privacy issues that must be considered by both industrial and academic stakeholders on using these resources. The Workshop has the aim in presenting some emergent studies in mobility data analysis and complex systems in order to raise the interests in the field.