Diego Pennacchioli was born in 1982 in Lanciano (CH). He took his Diploma (Maturità Scientifica) in 2001, then he started sudying Economy and Computer Science in University of Chieti “G. D’Annunzio”, taking his B.Sc. discussing a Thesis with subject “Scale Free Networks and Applications”. In 2005, he moved in Pisa, where he took his Master Degree in 2008 in Computer Science (Business Informatics), discussing a Thesis with subject “Discrimination Discovery using Bayesian Classifiers on Continuous Attributes”. After a year of fellowship with KDD Lab, when he worked on various projects, he started his PhD period in 2010 at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies of Lucca, writing a thesis with the subject of “Big Data, Markets and Complex Networks” under the supervision of Prof. Dino Pedreschi and Dott. Fosca Giannotti. He is at the end of his PhD candidate period (he is expected to discuss hit thesis in April 2014).