Simulazione e Sistemi IDroinformatici per la Gestione delle Risorse IDriche

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The water resources management, currently subject to increasing human pressure and climate change scenarios, take part of the environmental challenges we must pay more attention to. Recently several recommendations concerning the need for a new approach to the methods and procedures of water management have been issued, also by the European Environment Agency. This scenario places the research project SID&GRID (Simulation and Hydroinformatics Systems for Water Resources Management), currently in progress, whose main objective is to design and develop an open source framework for the GIS approach integration with the surface and groundwater hydro modeling, taking care also of the unsaturated zone, planning and management of shared use of water resorted by public agencies and private companies. Final goal Developing a DSS (Decision Support System) based on open source and free software, to be used as helpful instrument by regional public bodies devoted to the management of the water resources.
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Start Date
1 April 2010
End Date
1 April 2013
Regione Toscana
National Project
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)