Eva: Attribute-Aware Network Segmentation

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TitleEva: Attribute-Aware Network Segmentation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCitraro, S, Rossetti, G
Conference NameInternational Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications
AbstractIdentifying topologically well-defined communities that are also homogeneous w.r.t. attributes carried by the nodes that compose them is a challenging social network analysis task. We address such a problem by introducing Eva, a bottom-up low complexity algorithm designed to identify network hidden mesoscale topologies by optimizing structural and attribute-homophilic clustering criteria. We evaluate the proposed approach on heterogeneous real-world labeled network datasets, such as co-citation, linguistic, and social networks, and compare it with state-of-art community discovery competitors. Experimental results underline that Eva ensures that network nodes are grouped into communities according to their attribute similarity without considerably degrading partition modularity, both in single and multi node-attribute scenarios.