On multidimensional network measures

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TitleOn multidimensional network measures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMagnani, M, Monreale, A, Rossetti, G, Giannotti, F
Conference NameSEDB 2013
Date Published2013
AbstractNetworks, i.e., sets of interconnected entities, are ubiquitous, spanning disciplines as diverse as sociology, biology and computer science. The recent availability of large amounts of network data has thus provided a unique opportunity to develop models and analysis tools applicable to a wide range of scenarios. However, real-world phenomena are often more complex than existing graph data models. One relevant example concerns the numerous types of social relationships (or edges) that can be present between individuals in a social network. In this short paper we present a unified model and a set of measures recently developed to represent and analyze network data with multiple types of edges.