Information diffusion in complex networks: The active/passive conundrum

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TitleInformation diffusion in complex networks: The active/passive conundrum
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMilli, L, Rossetti, G, Pedreschi, D, Giannotti, F
Conference NameInternational Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications
AbstractIdeas, information, viruses: all of them, with their mechanisms, can spread over the complex social tissues described by our interpersonal relations. Classical spreading models can agnostically from the object of which they simulate the diffusion, thus considering spreading of virus, ideas and innovations alike. Indeed, such simplification makes easier to define a standard set of tools that can be applied to heterogeneous contexts; however, it can also lead to biased, partial, simulation outcomes. In this work we discuss the concepts of active and passive diffusion: moving from analysis of a well-known passive model, the Threshold one, we introduce two novel approaches whose aim is to provide active and mixed schemas applicable in the context of innovations/ideas diffusion simulation. Our data-driven analysis shows how, in such context, the adoption of exclusively passive/active models leads to conflicting results, thus highlighting the need of mixed approaches.
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