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Track and Know

Track&Know will research, develop and exploit a new software framework that aims at increasing the efficiency of Big Data applications in the transport, mobility, motor insurance and health sectors.
1 January 2018
31 December, 2020

SoBigData: Social Mining and Big Data Ecosystem

One of the most pressing and fascinating challenges scientists face today, is understanding the complexity of our globally interconnected society. The big data arising from the digital breadcrumbs of human activities promise to let us scrutinize the ground truth of individual and collective behaviour at an unprecedented detail and scale. There is an urgent need to harness these opportunities for scientific advancement and for the social good.
15 June 2015
30 May, 2019

Inductive Constraint Programming

In industry, society and science advanced software is used for solving planning, scheduling and resource allocation problems, collectively known as constraint satisfaction or optimization problems. At the same time, one continuously gathers vast amounts of data about these problems. This project starts from the observation that current software typically does not exploit such data to update schedules, resources and plans. It aims at developing a new approach in which gathered data is analysed systematically in order to dynamically revise and adapt constraints and optimization criteria.
1 January 2012
30 June, 2015

Bringing Citizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL Exploratories


We propose visionary research to develop modeling, computational, and ICT tools needed to predict and influence disease spread and other contagion phenomena in complex social systems. To achieve non-incremental advances we will combine large scale, realistic, data-driven models with participatory data-collection and advanced methods for Big Data analysis. In particular we will go beyond the one-dimensional focus of current approaches tackling one aspect of the problem at a time. We will interconnect contagion progression (e.g.

1 January 2015
31 December, 2017

Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem


EIT ICT Labs' Trusted Cloud initiative is an ambitious approach to find a European solution to store digital data and contents, so that consumers and businesses in Europe do not have to worry on where and by whom their valuable digital age assets are handled. With EIT ICT Labs support the partners will gain European wide coverage to create an ecosystem that really matters in creating new business opportunities around trusted cloud services.

1 September 2014
31 December, 2015

Personal Transport Advisor: an integrated platform of mobility patterns for Smart Cities to enable demand-adaptive transportation system


The aim of this project is to develop a service platform that connects the providers and controllers of transport in cities with the travellers in a way that information flows are optimized while respecting and supporting the individual freedom safety and security of the traveller. Cities will get an integrated platform to enable the provision of citizen-centric, demand-adaptive city-wide transportation services. Travellers will get mobile applications that facilitate them in making travel priorities and choices for route and modality.

1 February 2014
31 January, 2017

Orange “Data for Development”

D4D - is an open data challenge, encouraging research teams around the world to use datasets of anonymous call patterns to help address society development questions in novel ways. The data sets are based on anonymized Call Detail Records extracted from Orange’s customer base. The goal of the D4D challenge, in line with our Group’s Orange for Development initiative, is to contribute to the socio-economic development and well-being of populations.
1 January 2012
1 May, 2013

SEmantic Enrichment of trajectory Knowledge discovery

SEEK is a Marie Curie Project (project N. 295179) funded by EU in the PEOPLE program as an IRSES 2011 scheme. This project funds the exchange of research personnel between participant organizations from EU to international partners and vice-versa for a total funded budget of 352.800 euro. The consortium includes 8 partners from Europe, Brazil and Canada. The goal of the project is to investigate methods to extract meaningful knowledge from large amount of movement data by defining techniques for an advanced semantic-rich knowledge discovery process.
1 March 2012
30 September, 2014


DATASIM aims at providing an entirely new and highly detailed spatial-temporal microsimulation methodology for human mobility, grounded on massive amounts of Big data of various types and from various sources, e.g. GPS, mobile phones and social networking sites, with the goal to forecast the nation-wide consequences of a massive switch to electric vehicles, given the intertwined nature of mobility and power distribution networks.
1 October 2011
1 September, 2014

Using Local Inference in Massively Distributed Systems

As the scale of today’s networked techno-social systems continues to increase, the analysis of their global phenomena becomes increasingly difficult, due to the continuous production of streams of data scattered among distributed, possibly resource-constrained nodes, and requiring reliable resolution in (near) real-time.
30 November 2010
31 October, 2013