AI Breakfast - Covid-19: Myths and realities of tracking applications

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AI Breakfasts: Covid-19 - Myths and realities of tracking applications

The Council of Europe and the University of Strasbourg organised the 5th edition of the "AI Breakfast" in the form of a webinar on 16 April 2020. Three experts were brought together on the topic of tracking applications on mobile phones in the fight against COVID-19. Michael Veale, Lecturer at University College London, Dino Pedreschi, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa and Adrien Basdevant, a data protection lawyer, discussed the myths and realities of these applications. The experts discussed the tensions between the risks of mass surveillance and the collective commitment to fight the disease, and proposing concrete solutions. In particular, Michael Veale presented the DP-3T system as being totally protective of privacy. A manifesto was also published by researchers, including Dino Pedreschi, under the title "Giving citizens more data, awareness and control, and they will help contain COVID-19". Finally, Adrien Basdevant published a paper entitled "Covid-19: A New Age of Individual Control". Video of the Webinar: Link to DP-3T documentation: Link to the manifesto to which Dino Pedreschi contributed: Link to Adrien Basdevant's gallery: and (English)