Fosca Giannotti interview @ Workshops to design a Human Centered AI roadmap in Europe

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Fosca Giannotti has been interviewed for the Workshops to design a Human Centered AI roadmap in Europe, in the context of the Humane-AI project.
You can watch the full interview at this link.

AI has transformed and will transform even more society and the way people live. The way we buy, the way we do social relationship over the Internet, everything is very much now mediated by smart technology that learns from the usage of other customers how to make you more reactive in terms of likes and business. This kind of technology that facilitates our lives in a sense, is also creating bubbles. Its forcing us, to talk to people that are too similar to us, buying things that are very close to us. It’s changing society. And sometimes the way these changes happen is that the way the algorithms are learning and the data that we leave on the Internet. The large success of current AI is mostly because of the enormous availability of data, which are traces very often left by humans. Data contains all the issues that society has, including the bad parts. Our algorithms might learn by data that contains bias. Sometimes those bias turn out to be discriminations on vulnerable people or learn language that might not be politically correct. We need an AI which is helping society also growing in terms of education and civil interactions.

My bluesky project is very much related to my bigdata vision of AI. It’s about having an AI and machine learning methods that always offers a human understandable explanation of the decisions they suggest, by taking the human in the loop and express such explanation in language that different kind of users may have depending by their context.

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