Franco Turini interview @ Workshops to design a Human Centered AI roadmap in Europe

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Franco Turini has been interviewed for the Workshops to design a Human Centered AI roadmap in Europe, in the context of the Humane-AI project.
You can watch the full interview at this link.

What is your opinion on Human – Centered AI?

Basically, what I think is most important is the possibility of using AI in a way that is understandable for the people. Most of the risk we have now AI systems are trained using data we do not own that are collected by Google or other. That is the other problem, I mean it can be pleasant when you connect to the web, the kind of commercials you get are designed for yourself, but when for example it has to do with voting, I don’t think it is much fair for humans. Democratizing AI should be one of the goal of our projects.

What would be your blue sky project in AI for Europe?

Well essentially, I repeat myself democratizing the use of AI tools, which means, make them understandable, usable and having the basic data owned by the people itself, I mean accessible by the people itself. So it would be a project involving both computer science, but also ethics, also philosophers, also politicians, essentially, who I am not sure so far understand very well what’s going on.

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