Salvatore Rinzivillo interview @ Workshops to design a Human Centered AI roadmap in Europe

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Salvatore Rinzivillo has been interviewed for the Workshops to design a Human Centered AI roadmap in Europe, in the context of the Humane-AI project.
You can watch the full interview at this link.

What is your opinion on Human – Centered AI?

For the Human – Centered AI let’s say human at the center of AI is some sort of let’s say grounding this technical information that for many people might look something like “wow it’s quite magic”, but basically it is just bringing together pieces that each of us is living, some sort of digital background that we are living behind. I am doing this action of Facebook, I am buying this kind of stuff at the supermarket, I bought a flight ticket to came here in Paris for this workshop. All this kind of different pieces can be brought together in order to build our complete picture that at the moment is difficult, even for me to construct and to put together and also to make a sense of this kind of thing.

What would be your blue sky project in AI for Europe?

One challenging thing where we are starting investigating is to try to bring this kind of model where each individual in society collect some data and make sense of some data in order to bring on a common platform where each individual can make a collective intelligence, where my data may be used by the person that is near to me in order to create an intelligence, as I was saying, that can bring beneficial result for all the societies. This can be helping improving and making my own life better in terms of let’s say ecological food print, or let’s say the way that I can use my resources or my time, to improve social relationship and so on. It is a sort of meta collection of this individual data that can gives a new boost on the way we treat and sense our own data

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