Mercato della Mobilità (Mobility Marketplace)

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[i]Mobility Marketplace[/i] includes the development of models for analysis of data collected from mobile sensors and wireless networks and the testing of specific services, to promote the use of public transport and optimize the use of private vehicles in the path home-to-work. The data are collected from the monitoring of cells visited in a GSM and GPS surveys. This information will be subject to various steps of analysis to extract individual profiles and global models on the habits of users. These data not only represent an important source of knowledge of the area of mobility for a better understanding of this phenomenon, but also constitute the basis on which to develop services targeted to the individual. In particular the Mobility Market aims to create a social network of the mobility of Pisa and surroundings: every citizen has the opportunity to contact other people who share with him in whole or in part the same path and may require them to share their vehicle (car pooling), or can arrange transport of the group, helping to reduce significantly the number of vehicles operating on most populous routes.
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Start Date
1 April 2009
End Date
1 March 2010
Local Project
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)