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The project aims at investigating to what extent ”big data” - Mobile calls data - in integration with administrative data, could be a support in producing reliable and timely estimates of inter-city mobility. This study, jointly developed by ISTAT, CNR, and University of Pisa, wants to experiment an analysis process built on top of the so-called Sociometer, a data mining tool for classifying users by means of their of their calls habits, in order to study the composition of the population and their mobility behaviors. The project will return statistics that are comparable with those obtained in a project at ISTAT, where residences and flows of people are studied using administrative data sources. Achieving success along this direction would mean to be able to safely integrate existing population and flow statistics with the continuously up-to-date estimates obtained from GSM data, thus a first step towards exploiting big data in official statistics.
Image by Robert Salnave CC BY 2.0, via Flick
Start Date
1 January 2014
End Date
31 December 2014
Internal Project
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)