Discovering and Understanding City Events with Big Data: The Case of Rome

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TitleDiscovering and Understanding City Events with Big Data: The Case of Rome
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFurletti, B, Trasarti, R, Cintia, P, Gabrielli, L
Date Published06/2017
AbstractThe increasing availability of large amounts of data and digital footprints has given rise to ambitious research challenges in many fields, which spans from medical research, financial and commercial world, to people and environmental monitoring. Whereas traditional data sources and census fail in capturing actual and up-to-date behaviors, Big Data integrate the missing knowledge providing useful and hidden information to analysts and decision makers. With this paper, we focus on the identification of city events by analyzing mobile phone data (Call Detail Record), and we study and evaluate the impact of these events over the typical city dynamics. We present an analytical process able to discover, understand and characterize city events from Call Detail Record, designing a distributed computation to implement Sociometer, that is a profiling tool to categorize phone users. The methodology provides an useful tool for city mobility manager to manage the events and taking future decisions on specific classes of users, i.e., residents, commuters and tourists.
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