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TETRA Innovative Open Source

The project aims at realizing a framework for the construction of innovative components able to exploit both the TETRA net and the corresponding commercial nets. The objective is to realize complex Smart Environments for the supply of advanced services and other typical utilities of the public administrations operating on the urban areas and on the territory.
1 November 2011
15 May, 2013

Computer science and legal methods for enforcing the personal rights of non-discrimination and privacy in ICT systems

The greater presence and pervasiveness of ICT in everyday life poses new concerns about personal rights such as non-discrimination and individual privacy. Since these concerns limit the practical applicability and the broad acceptance of advanced technologies, such as decision support systems (DSS) and location-based services (LBS), the diffusion of these applications relies on the existence of technical tools to enforce personal rights. Developing these tools requires a constant reference to what is legal and what is not, in measurable and formal terms.
1 December 2010
31 March, 2014

Simulazione e Sistemi IDroinformatici per la Gestione delle Risorse IDriche

The water resources management, currently subject to increasing human pressure and climate change scenarios, take part of the environmental challenges we must pay more attention to. Recently several recommendations concerning the need for a new approach to the methods and procedures of water management have been issued, also by the European Environment Agency.
1 April 2010
1 April, 2013

Technological infrastructure for the Electronic Health File

Development of techniques for the advanced and intelligent access to information contained in the Electronic Health File.
1 May 2009
31 May, 2010

Mobilità e Turismo (Mobility and Turism)

Mobility in urban areas poses serious problems to both the local administration and to who is having to move within the city either citizen or tourist. The situation becomes more complicated in those cities or areas where traffic produced by residents overlaps massive flows of tourists.
1 April 2009
30 September, 2014

Metodi informatici e legali per la protezione della privacy e l'anonimato

ANONIMO is an inter-disciplinary project and is based on the observation that research in the area of privacy protection is currently pursued both from the legal regulation viewpoint and the information and communication technology viewpoint.
1 January 2009
31 December, 2010


The DIVA project created a predictive system aimed at fighting against tax evasion in VAT domain. The project involved KDD-Lab together with experts from the Italian Revenue Agency and IT professionals from SOGEI, the IT branch of the Italian Ministry of Finance. The DIVA system exhibits sharp improvement over existing audit methods in finding interesting new VAT evaders, and allows the end user to tune the predictiong with respect to different notions of interestingness.
1 January 2000
1 January, 2001