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DATASIM aims at providing an entirely new and highly detailed spatial-temporal microsimulation methodology for human mobility, grounded on massive amounts of Big data of various types and from various sources, e.g. GPS, mobile phones and social networking sites, with the goal to forecast the nation-wide consequences of a massive switch to electric vehicles, given the intertwined nature of mobility and power distribution networks. Significant breakthroughs can be achieved from this project, contributing to the milestones that were set forward in the European Industry Roadmap for the Electrification of Road Transport from today till 2020. Many scientists have already pointed out that the goal of social sciences is not simply to understand how people behave in large groups, but to understand what motivates individuals to behave the way they do. This fundamental insight, which can be gained from this project, is a step forward towards the solution of this important challenge; it can help us to better understand the dynamics of our society and, in the longer run, to have an impact on overall and wider societal well-being.


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DATASIM: DATA science for SIMulating the era of electric vehicles

Many scientists point out that the goal of social sciences is not simply to understand how people behave in large groups, but to understand what motivates individuals to behave the way they do.

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1 October 2011
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1 September 2014
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Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione, National Research Council of Italy (ISTI-CNR)